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Biscayne Park, Florida

Parks & Parkway Advisory Board

The Parks & Parkway Advisory Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00PM.  All items placed on the agenda for the Parks & Parkway Advisory Board are coordinated by the Chair.  Beginning in January 2016, the Board will meet regularly at Village Hall, 640 NE 114th Street, Biscayne Park, FL.

On the home page, please click on the Calender of  Events & Meetings to view the exact date of their next meeting. 

Attached below are the approved minutes of the board's meetings.

Board Members:  Dan Keys, Chair, Barbara Kuhl, Vice Chair,  and Randy Wagoner.

Alternate: <None>

Duties & Responsibilities:

     > To study the existing system of parks and parkways and to make recommendations for their improvement.

     > To make special studies and surveys as requested by the Village Manager or Commission and advise and make recommendations accordingly.

     > To study the land area of the Village and make recommendations to the Commission, or the Village Manager on the possible acquisition of parcels of land which appear to be desired extensions of the Village's parks and Parkway systems.

Attached Document or FileVOBP Board Application Updated 08 23 2017.pdf  
2018 Meeting Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes

2015 Meeting Minutes

2014 Meeting Minutes

2013 Meeting Minutes

2012 Meeting Minutes

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