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Biscayne Park, Florida

Recycling - What can and can't be recycled.



Please click on the link below for all the information you need to properly sort out the items that can be recycled.  Thank you for doing your part in the recycling efforts!

As a reminder, the collection of recycling is done on FRIDAYS only.  The recycling cart can be placed out for collection on the curb NO EARLIER than 5:00pm the day before collection (Thursday), and NO LATER than 7:00am the day of collection (Friday).  The cart must then be taken off the curb and stored out of sight by no later than 9:00am the day after collection (Saturday).

Each residential unit has been provided either a 35-gallon or 65-gallon recycling container as shown in the above image.  If your recycling cart needs replacement or you need an additional cart, please contact Village Hall and we will provide you the information and cost.

Attached Document or File Waste Pro - RECYCLE Information  

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