Using the App

Our new app is in beta testing with only basic functionality.  We're expecting a few "unintended features" as this is a new system to Biscayne Park residents and employees. 

Our goal is to move slowly, giving adequate time for new features to be used and tested by actual users.  New functionality will be rolled out over the course of the next 30 days. 

There are three main sections of the My Biscayne Park App. 

The first is used to submit requests; just tap the ‘start request’ button to get started.  This is the section used to report issues in Biscayne Park for Code Compliance, Police, Parks & Rec, Public Works, and the Administration.  It’s also the place to post about lost and found pets, request an event permit, and request a public record.

The second includes all of the links below ‘start request’ and provides information on a variety of topics as well as our calendar, agendas, contact info, and ordinances.  The link, ‘manage email alerts’ allows for subscribing and unsubscribing from the various email alerts we send in addition to notifications sent via the app.

The third and most important section is ‘notifications’ which can be found by tapping the hamburger/menu icon in the top left corner.


Once in ‘notifications’, tap the gear icon in the top right corner and your screen will show all the available topics for app notifications on your phone.  You’ll only receive notifications for the categories you choose.

Tapping on the hamburger icon also brings up the sections for editing your profile and tracking your requests.

Comments, questions, concerns, or  bugs?  Reach out to!